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Supply Services and logistical support to oil & gas clients operating in Ghan and supporting other clients in and around West Africa.


E-Tech Group has it's roots embedded in the Offshore and Marine sectors. Our experience as a company and our engineers, technicians and managers extends back many years.


E-Tech Group has carried out hundreds of project in many sectors for many varied clients. We list a small sample on this page and have provided a link to our more comprehensive project list.


Our library of downloadable documents contains current and past information. These documents will be updated and am mended from time to time.

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flat deck barge

Agbanni – Conversion of a flat deck barge to an FPO for the Agbanni field in Nigeria. The …

Jackup rig

Soroosh – Jackup rig conversion carried out in Dubai for the Saroosh project on behalf of Shell Iran …

Diamond Drillship

Gariep – Diamond Drillship – Complete electrical design & installation carried out by E-Tech Tyneside. The conversion included …


Galatta – Bulgaria’s First Offshore Production Platform – Design, manufacture & installation of LV & HV switchgear and …

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Get The Best Commercial Electrical Contractor To Help You

If you have a piece of commercial property, you need to have commercial electrical contractors in mind that you can contact. They need to be well trained and able to work with the various building codes your city has in place. Here you’ll learn who to hire and why they are the best.

They Need To Be Familiar With Commercial Work

electrician2A contractor that’s going to do electrical work for you is going to have to be familiar with commercial and not just residential work. You should ask the contractor through email or on the phone if they have done this kind of work in the past, and if so they need to let you know where they did the work. There is no reason to let someone just give it a go without any training. That could end in you not having the building up to the right standards that can land you in hot water.

Building Codes Must Be Paid Attention To

As a commercial building owner, you know that you have to stick with building codes or else that building could be shut down. Find a checklist, if possible, online of what an inspector will check for, and when the contractor is selected for the work tell them to follow the standards that are in place. Otherwise, you may end up having an inspector coming by and making you shut down your operations until the electrical issues are fixed.

Safety Is Key

There are a lot of people that think they can just do this work and not worry about safety gear. If you notice that a contractor is careless on your property, you should let them go right away. The problem is that if they are not careful, they are putting themselves and your building at risk. One thing that could go wrong is that they could wire up your lighting in the wrong manner. If this were to happen then, a fire could break out and that is not a good thing to have happened.

Find Contractor Reviews And Learning More

Reviews are a great way to learn more about any kind of contractor, business, or services in general. The good thing about the Internet is that anyone can get on it and talk about their experiences they’ve had with a company in the past. You just want to be aware of whether or not the review was put together recently or if you should find a newer one. The reason for this is that older studies may not be indicative of how the contractor or their company treats people since businesses do change over time.

Getting a price quote from a contractor is a good way to see who is good to work with and who to avoid. To figure out the general cost of this kind of work, you need to contact 3 different people about what you need to have done. For instance, if you’re going to need your whole building rewired, you can call them and tell them about the scope of the work or have them come out to do an inspection. Once you get pricing, if it’s too low or high when compared with the average, you can look into their past and see if they are good or if they are just not pricing things properly.

Energy efficient lighting is an area that all business owners should look at, as lighting accounts for up to 40% of your alectrical usage. Commercial property is liable to be inspected. You need to make sure that everything is in the right place and that you have a way to get help when there are problems with your building.

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