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flat deck barge

Agbanni – Conversion of a flat deck barge to an FPO for the Agbanni field in Nigeria. The …

Jackup rig

Soroosh – Jackup rig conversion carried out in Dubai for the Saroosh project on behalf of Shell Iran …

Diamond Drillship

Gariep – Diamond Drillship – Complete electrical design & installation carried out by E-Tech Tyneside. The conversion included …


Galatta – Bulgaria’s First Offshore Production Platform – Design, manufacture & installation of LV & HV switchgear and …

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Tips On How to Choose Your Fence Panels

Many homeowners often do not know the different kinds of fence panels to use when fencing their homes. However, with a guide, you will learn on the best ones that you can use today. Here is a guide on the best types that you can use today:fencing Bolton

Overlap panels

These overlap panels are prefect choice for those who have a strict budget when fencing. In addition, these panels need zero-maintenance and can last up to more than 15 years. When you use them, you will always make your home to look modern and secure.

Feather Edge Panels

For those who need durability and added strength, using these panels is a perfect solution. In addition, you can use them on garden-cum-playground area to offer you a place to play your ball games frequently. You will always find out that they are perfect for the long-lasting fences for your garden, back yard or front yard.

Hit and Miss

Hit and Miss are garden fence panels with boards or pales fixed alternatively on the front and back of a panel in the turn. When you use them in your home, you will create a unique pattern of hit and miss. They are perfect if you want a nice looking finish. (Hat Tip to Fencing Bolton for this).

Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard Fencing offer excellent durability and security at very affordable prices. Since these Closeboard Fencing panels are often made from vertical featheredge boards that are aligned closeboard Fence Boltonvertically at the same time fixed on the supporting wooden rails, you will always get the best quality. They are durable when you use them when fencing.

Trellis Panels

Trellis fencing panels are often made from open frameworks of intersecting pieces of bamboo, wood, or metal, which serve as one effective as well as quick way of decorating a garden. Trellis panels are always versatile and attractive method to add or define new dimensions to your current outdoor spaces or gardens. When you use them, you will always increase the looks of your home.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is another widely used and ideal method for keeping pets or when defining boundaries of a given property. Evenly spaced vertical units that are attached to each other and has rails often distinguish picket fencing. When you use them, you will always be guaranteed durability that makes it one of the options to use today to make your home look stylish.

Bespoke Fencing

The Bespoke Fencing are beautiful solid garden fencing panels that ranges from hand- made to even bespoke sizes. In addition, bespoke fencing are available in unique attractive timber species that makes your home to look attractive.

Fancy Panels

Fancy panels often stand out from the rest due to their classic looks. They include all types of fencing, which is altered depending on the specifications. These fancy panels can be made morefencing supplies Bolton environmentally sustainable by using continental products. They are durable when used well in a homestead.

In conclusion, the above is a guide on the tips on how to choose your fence panels if you need the best solution that the market provides.

Thanks for these tips goes to:

Fencing Bolton
Suite 10B
46 Bradford Street
01204 224020

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